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The Philippines is an exotic destination. Cebu is an ideal place for recreation by the sea & interesting place for new knowledge. The Philippines is a very diverse country. In the Philippines, we can arrange trips and swimming with sea turtles, a trip to the smallest monkeys in the world (tarsier & nbsp; Philippine "Tarsier"), and other interesting events.

Given the current situation and rules, which are constantly changing,  it's best to contact us and arrange in advance details of a possible trip to the Philippines. /p>

Contact us or keep in touch, we will help you travel safely to the Philippines.

What can we provide for you?

Accommodation, air travel, guide, local transportation, boat trips and excursions.

Where is the Philippines?

The Philippines is located on the 7,641 islands in the Pacific Pacific Ocean. The city of Cebu is located in the Central Philippines called Visayas, or Southeast Asia.

How do you get to Philippines?

We can provide you with air transportation from Prague, Czech Republic or another international airport in Europe. Or you can search for flights and arrange yourself online:Team

Traveling to the Philippines as a trip is definitely worth exploring.

From low-cost tickets to traveling on your own private plane around the world.


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